Solidarity with Christians in Iraq

A number of you have inquired about sending support to the Church in Iraq as it responds to the displacement of Christians and others from Mosul and neighboring cities and towns. As you are aware, the situation is dire and the needs are great. The Presbyterian Church in Kirkuk, which is about 100 miles from Mosul in a stable Kurdish-controlled area, is already responding to the needs of Christians and Muslims who have fled their homes. An Iraqi Presbyterian pastor friend writes:

About 10:30 last night, someone knocked on our door. Being that it was so late, and because of the tenuous situation in my city, my wife and I wondered who would be knocking on our door at this hour. We were not expecting anyone. So, I was afraid to open the door and wondered if I should. I thought it might be a criminal or a militant with a gun. I didn’t know what to expect. I hesitated but finally decided to open just a crack and ask who was out there. The person answered me, “I am a Christian from the Mosul area; I am a refugee.” I didn’t know if I should believe him, so I asked, “How can I be sure you’re telling the truth?” He said, “Here is my ID card; see for yourself.” My wife was very frightened. She whispered to me to keep a distance from the stranger. I inched toward him warily. I saw his ID card. He was a refugee. He had three daughters; the oldest was not more than five years old. We talked for a long while. I promised him that our church would not leave him alone. Please pray that we will be able to support them. The Lord has enabled us to help many displaced Iraqis, regardless of their religion or affiliation. Christ’s commandment to us is not to support and help only our own; rather, his commandment is that we serve everyone in his name. Once again, we find ourselves faced with a new challenge. Let us join hands and help those who have come our way.

The Outreach Foundation is able to receive gifts in support of the relief work of our partner, the National Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Iraq. Checks should be noted “Iraq Relief” and mailed to The Outreach Foundation, 381 Riverside Drive Ste 110, Franklin, TN 37064. You can also give online at and under Designation, select Iraq Appeal.