Musalaha-A Ministry of Reconciliation - June 2014 Update

Israel and Palestine

Dear Friends, 

Musalaha’s Israeli-Palestinian Children’s Summer Camp is designed to provide a framework for Israeli and Palestinian children to meet together in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Here they have the opportunity to build relationships with children from the other side who they might not have the chance to meet and learn to counter many stereotypes.

Our children’s summer camp allows campers to learn about the reconciliation process as they build relationships with each other. This is done through sitting together at meal times, playing water games, engaging in activities and studying the Bible together. While attending these camps they learn new phrases and songs in Hebrew and Arabic, share cabins, become agents of change even at a young age and leave having made new friends. We also invite Sudanese refugee children to participate so the children learn to be around other groups of people who are living in both Israeli and Palestinian societies. If children learn to love and break down barriers of hate, we will be able to raise up a new generation that seeks to transform society through love, peace and biblical principles of reconciliation.  

These children represent the future of this land, and if we do not invest in them now and help them understand their common humanity as individuals made in the image of God, we will have missed a wonderful opportunity to impact their perceptions and decision-making processes early on. Within a few years, many of these young people will be serving in the military, attending university and joining the work force. After their experience at camp, these children are able to return home, equipped as messengers of peace and love and grow into agents of change within their own communities.

Salim J. Munayer, PhD

Musalaha Director

Prayer requests:
Pray for peace to prevail and for these children to grow as instruments of peace in that region
Pray for the love of Christ in the land

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