Home of Hope - June 2014 Update

Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear Friends of Home of Hope,

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God our Father … Morning by morning new mercies we see .. All we have needed Thy hand has provided ....

We continue to distribute food to 70-80 men, who receive it gratefully each morning on the sidewalk in front of Home of Hope. For Easter weekend, each man also received soap, a packet of instant soup, bananas, tea and sandwiches.

The group of older men, which varies from three to five in number, who come for lunch Monday through Friday were also given a package Easter weekend which included noodles, a loaf of bread, energy drinks and beef pies. Their meals consist of variations of sadza (corn mush), soya (soybeans), kapenta (small fish) and chicken. The same meals are also given to the mothers and the boys.

Munashe is now living in a home, which was made possible with help from Home of Hope. He recently celebrated his 14th birthday with his friends here and enjoyed a meal of chicken, rice and cake as well as a couple of dollars as a gift.                                                                

We recently helped about 25 people either attend a clinic or purchase medicine, in addition to the usual assistance we provide with over-the-counter medicine at Home of Hope. A very kind gentleman donated a large amount of secondhand clothing for all ages and sexes – jeans, baby clothes, shirts, jackets, socks, shorts, trousers and two boxes of shoes. A little girl of about 10 and her mother were delighted to receive some of the clothing. She is pictured here wearing the sweater she received. She takes care of her mother, who is mentally challenged.

Nigel is an 11 year-old who has only been on the streets for a few months. His aunt came to town looking for him, but he ran away from her. Joan and Craig are hoping that Social Welfare will help him. He is currently attending House of Smiles for school and coming to Home of Hope for clean clothes, meals and a shower. He prefers to mingle with adults rather than other children. Joan and Craig found out that he’d been put into an orphanage but ran away because he was abused. Simba, a fairly new child at Home of Hope, has returned home. His father came looking for him – what a relief and blessing when a parent cares enough to come looking for their child! There are still family problems that need sorting out, but at least Simba is home.

Home of Hope June 2014 update Tanya.jpg

The children who attend school with the help of Home of Hope have completed their first term. Their families receive monthly food parcels which include maize meal, macaroni, biscuits, jam, tea, sugar, kapenta fish, soya, soap, cornflakes and milk powder. Some of the children achieved good results, while the ones who didn’t do so well are working hard and improving. Tanya, pictured here holding his report card and the food he is taking home, did very well. He is in fourth grade and is ranked seventh in his class of 29. The results the children achieve are astonishing given their circumstances.

We continually give thanks for your love, blessing and support and bless you in return. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning – great is thy faithfulness oh Lord, great is thy faithfulness.

You are our co-workers in Christ,                                                                                            

Joan, Craig, Ria and Dave

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