Evangelical Theological Seminary - February 2014 Update

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Egyptian trains to and from Cairo came to a grinding halt in August due to the violent political turmoil that followed the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi in July. The stoppage had greatly disrupted nationwide travel for months. Only 14 out of a total of 68 trains between Cairo and Upper Egypt kept operating. This reality could have caused instruction at the Alexandria and Minya seminary branches to stop if it wasn’t for the distance learning units that the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETSC) was ready to launch. Making full use of the new Distance Learning equipment at the campus extensions in Minya and Alexandria was the only way classes could have continued and assure the safety of the professors. Classroom cameras and screens had been tested in all three campus locations in June and “real-time” classes began as scheduled in September. No longer required to commute weekly by train to these cities, the teachers also gain a full day on campus and can use that time for preparation. Dr. Samuel taught Introduction to Pastoral Counseling and General Psychology and did make some face-to-face visits to Minya. Dr. Magdi taught Introduction to the Old Testament to students in Alexandria. 

The next phase, which is in the active planning stages, is online classes via computer. Lectures, multi-media charts or images, message board forums, e-mail contact with the professors, digitized print materials and online exams are all a  part of this second stage of ETSC Distance Learning. Computers will be provided in specific locations for distance learning students who do not own a laptop or have home internet. The primary goal is to have all ETSC introductory classes available online in the near future enabling students in the Global Church to enroll in seminary level courses offered in the Arabic language. This could include those hampered by distance, work schedules or by religious restrictions. By the next academic year, an Egyptian emigrant in Australia and a woman in South Sudan could enroll and share their distinctive perspectives. The “classroom environment” will be rich indeed!

Travel with The Outreach Foundation to Egypt
November 7 – 17, 2014
Come celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Cairo, which is training the next generation of leaders for the 400+ Presbyterian churches in Egypt and beyond. Egypt is a land with a long, grand and diverse history; this history includes the amazing stories of God’s church. We will also visit new church developments in the ‘suburbs’ and ‘satellite cities’ around Cairo, meet current and future church leaders, and be inspired by the church’s bold and progressive mission vision even as our presence there will encourage local Christians.

Amount needed in 2014

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise at least $6,000 per student scholarship; $5,000 per month for program of the Center for Middle East Christianity; $150,000 for capital improvements for the Evangelical Theolgical Seminary in Cairo. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

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