Tumaini Children's Ministries - February 2014 Update

Nyeri, Kenya

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Dear Partners and Friends,

We are happy to bring to you Christian and New Year’s greetings from the Very Rev. Bernard Muindi. We give thanks to God for blessing us and allowing us to be in his service this year. He has been good to us despite the challenges of last year. As you are aware, there have been changes in the Tumaini Children`s Ministry.

Thanks to your prayers, Mrs. Nancy Kaigua is now the new manager; Mr. Bernard W. Mathangani is the board chairman and Mr. Peter M. Muturi the board secretary. Rev. Muindi continues to be the patron for Tumaini Ministry, and we would love for you to keep him in your prayers.

The Outreach Foundation and the Tumaini Children’s Ministry Board thank all of you for your invaluable service rendered to this ministry since its inception and particularly during last year 2013. 

Tumaini Ministry is running well despite the challenge of having many needy children who need our attention. Last year, 21 students graduated from secondary school and are waiting for their national exam results which may be out this month. The ministry is not in a position to sponsor those who may do well to either universities or technical institutes as we used to do some years ago, but we are thankful that e-learning is available for them as well as some vocational training. We are in the midst of building a more modern vocational training center, and we would appreciate your help completing and equipping the center.

Some matters we are concerned about include the need to replace some of our beds and bedding, cooking pots and kitchenware. We also do not want to fall behind in the payment of the children’s school fees and obtaining school supplies for them.

The country of Kenya is facing another drought and the situation is worse and serious in Turkana, the Coastal region, Pokot and some Eastern parts of the country.

Security is tight in some areas of the country due to some threat by Al Shabaabs`s terrorists  (Somalis). For this reason we would advise groups traveling to Tumaini to exercise wisdom and communicate openly with the partners in Kenya to know when it is safe to travel.

Grateful for your partnership in the work of the Kingdom,

Ebralie Mwizerwa, Projects Coordinator
The Outreach Foundation

Prayer requests

  • Funds for completing and equipping the vocational training center
  • Those Tumaini children who are waiting for their exam results and for more scholarships for those who qualify for e-learning.
  • The new manager, Nancy Kaigua, to settle in the position

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Amount needed in 2014

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise at least $6,250 per month for the Tumaini Children's Ministries and $5,000 for e-learning scholarships. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

The Outreach Foundation now offers the option of receiving missionary/project updates, newsletters, and receipts by e-mail. If you would like to sign up to start receiving these communications electronically, please send your name and e-mail address, along with that request, to info@theoutreachfoundation.org, or call us at (615) 778-8881.