Caring for Vulnerable Children in Uganda - December 2014 Update

Kamwenge, Uganda

Dear Friends and Partners,

As you reflect on this year’s Thanksgiving, just imagine a cluster of young children – some as young as three – trudging barefoot to the Kamwenge Secondary and Vocational School (KSVS) grounds. They are barely clothed in tattered and dirt-crusted rags. They stare dully at the clean and neat high school students in the compound. This picture of children is in great contrast to the bright-eyed, eager students now fortunate enough to attend Good Shepherd Primary School thanks to your generosity. 

Frank and his brother Emmanuel are examples of children enrolled in the school. In 2012, Emmanuel's sponsor visited the extended family which was made up of their mother, father and four young children (including Frank and Emmanuel). An older married child who has four children also lived with them. Their father worked as a cattle herder, and the family tended a garden for income. From this small income, the father paid the school fees.

Emmanuel's sponsor visited again in 2014, and Emmanuel greeted him with great joy and enthusiastic hugs. However, life for the family was even more difficult – the father had abandoned his family. Without his small bit of income, they struggled for survival. Fortunately, both boys have sponsors who help pay their way at Good Shepherd. Head teacher Beth encourages the family and the boys to remain in school, where they are good students. 

Bravean is another child who is benefiting from sponsorship at Good Shepherd. He is in fourth grade, a brilliant little boy, according to head teacher Beth. His family, which includes eight children, values education – somewhat rare in rural Kamwenge where many don't understand how education can lift them out of poverty, illness, and hopelessness. 

Bravean’s goal is to become a pilot. His oldest sister is studying medicine on a government scholarship at prestigious Makerere University located in the capital city of Kampala, eight hours away. The family struggles to pay the many fees not covered by her scholarship. They have sold their family goats to help her with fees, and she also farms a small plot of land to raise money. 

If it were not for KSVS and Good Shepherd Primary School Bravean, Frank, and Emmanuel would most likely not be in school at all. There are many children like them who still need support for school fees. The sponsorship program allows these children and others to attend school without paying extra fees. This same program allows sponsors to make a difference in the lives of many children who have goals but have no means to achieve them. The difference you make can bring a sparkle to their eyes.

We are so thankful for your help which enabled us to build classrooms and dormitories, bring clean water to the school, and provide for teachers’ housing. The result is a transformed community and children with a brighter future.


Rev. Canon John Mulindabigwi

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Amount needed in 2015

The Outreach Foundation seeks to raise at least  $10,000 for educational needs and school supplies and $10,000 towards the cost of the kitchen and dining hall for the Kamwenge children. To make a donation, click the Donate Now link in the sidebar.

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