Home of Hope - November 2014 Update

Harare, Zimbabwe

Dear Friends of Home of Hope,

Isn’t it just amazing to think that we are once again knocking on the door of the Christmas season? It’s such a wonderful time of expectation and preparation as we rejoice together and acknowledge his coming to earth to dwell with us, his children. How blessed we are to know him as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Recent donations to Home of Hope have been heart-warming. One lady visited and brought eight loaves of bread. Another lady, whom we have never met, dropped off some clothes, mainly for babies and small children. These are always welcome as we don’t receive many in the smaller sizes. We also had an unexpected visit from the local Danmark College’s scripture union. They brought a large amount of clothing, mainly for men, as well as shoes for men and boys. They treated us to some songs, and we all prayed together. It was a blessed time of sharing.

The Thursday sewing group has completed their classes on design. They are now ready to start on their own garments, sewing them and then presenting the completed outfits at our graduation parade. There are 12 ladies in this group, and they were delighted to receive their dress making materials this month, which enabled them to start the actual sewing.

Approximately 70 to 80 street people come to the gates of the Home for food on most mornings. Four older men also come for meals in the morning and then return for lunch, which usually includes sadza (cooked cornmeal), relish, vegetables, chicken and/or kapenta (tiny dried fish) or soya (soybeans). Although the number of people needing medical attention dropped this past month, there continues to be a need for assistance with cough medicine, acetaminophen, and diarrhea medicine as problems with colds, flu, upset stomach, and headaches are never ending for people on the street. A few people had cuts on their arms and legs which were handled by Joan and Craig, but the more serious cases were given enough money to attend the government clinic.

Panashe is doing very well in school. He and his relatives are grateful for Home of Hope’s assistance with his school fees as well as a monthly food parcel. Talent recently turned 14. He celebrated with his friends, and they were given chicken and rice as well as cake and cool drinks. He has been back at Home of Hope for a few months and is determined to continue attending House of Smiles to get an education. He has been doing well in school and brings his test results to Home of Hope nearly every week. Anelka and his granny came to Home of Hope at the end of the month and gratefully received their monthly basic food parcel. They brought his second term school report card from Bradford Primary School in Epworth suburb, which is where he lives. His report card is quite promising considering he has not been attending school for several years. He is aware, though, of the need to work very hard on his English! There are so many changes he is facing, but there is hope as he is enjoying school and staying with his granny. All this is made possible through your kindness.

Because of your generous hearts and the hearts of several folks in Zimbabwe, lives are touched and changed through our God’s grace and mercy. Bless you all in the name of our Jesus, and much love from us all at Home of Hope.

You are our co-workers in Christ,                                                                                     

Joan, Craig, Ria, and Dave

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