Home of Hope - September 2013 Update


Dear Friends of Home of Hope,

We give all praise, glory, and honor to God our Father, Jesus Christ our Savior, our enabler and sustainer, the blessed Holy Spirit, who leads and guides us in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

What a pleasure it was to receive a visit from Bill Warlick of The Outreach Foundation – such a blessing to all involved with Home of Hope. Bill is a great witness for the Lord and example to us all! Despite being not “so young” any more, with a long and tiring trip, a rigorous program, and his luggage not arriving with him at the airport, he showed acceptance and peace with our God – thank you Bill. May God continue to bless and keep you and Nancy safely in his hands.

We have 15 ladies in the Thursday group of sewing mothers. They designed their outfits with Lucy’s expert help, and the Home bought their fabric. Most of these mothers do not know how to use a tape measure when they arrive, yet the dresses they make are amazing. What a versatile skill for self-sustainability once they graduate.

Seven of our boys cannot enter the school system, so the Home assists them with classes at City Presbyterian. Otherwise, they would remain illiterate. The boys come from the streets in the mornings, shower, eat, and dress in school clothes. They often stay and watch Christian movies and receive counsel from Joan and Craig. We are so proud of their good results. In the winter,   40 to 70 street people come to us for food and medical assistance each week. Many suffer from colds and flu and need medication while others need financial assistance to go to the hospital

We are doing well and remain fully engrossed in this ministry. It really is our life. God’s goodness and grace never lacks towards his workers in his Kingdom, praise his Holy Name. We ask our Lord to bless you and keep you safe and provide for your needs as you share with us financially and in your prayers.

You are our co-workers in Christ,

Joan, Craig, Ria, and Dave

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Minimum Goal for 2014

$5000 per month