Crisis Nurseries - July 2013 Update

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Friends and Supporters of Vulnerable Children,
We love to bring you encouraging stories about the ministries you are involved with. Here is one such story about Rachel.

Rachel's New Hair

At first glance you might not recognize Rachel. Is this the same listless child whose most distinctive feature was her severe hair loss? A few short months ago Rachel’s hair, or what was left of it, had turned a dusty orange the sure sign of advanced malnutrition.

Look closely at Rachel's picture and you can see that black, synthetic hair extensions have been braided into orange hair at her scalp. But the exciting part is that you can also see new hair poking through. It is thick and black and beautiful!

As cute as her new hair style is, it is her bright, clear eyes that swell our hearts and encourage us to share her story with you. The nutritious food and good care provided by Crisis Nurseries’ staff and caregivers has brought out the hidden treasure that now radiates from this special little girl. It is a blessing to participate in what the Lord is doing and to witness transformations like this!

There are many more children like Rachel in countries around the world including Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda. When the mother of an infant dies, the life of her baby is at high risk. In many instances we know that a few days later we will be burying her baby if no one comes to the rescue. A nursing infant cannot live without milk. A household trying to survive on one dollar each day cannot afford even a small can of infant formula. A child may lose his life because of a simple infection that could have been cured with two dollars’ worth of antibiotics.

The Crisis Nurseries provide these children infant formula, toddler-appropriate food, and medicine prescribed by physicians. Social workers provide prayer, counseling, and emotional support to parents and/or guardians. We are so grateful for the part you play in saving the lives of these little souls. May God richly bless you as you share your blessings with those in need.


Ebralie Mwizerwa
Projects Coordinator
The Outreach Foundation

Minimum Goal for 2014

$10,000 per month