Gujranwala Theological Seminary - July 2013 Update

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Dear friends,

I feel privileged to greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am pleased to share news of Gujranwala Theological Seminary (GTS) with you. In March, we were proud to award degrees to 28 graduates: six men with Bachelor of Theology degrees; fourteen men with Master of Divinity degrees; two men with Master of Theology degrees; and six women with UBTC certificates. We praise God for the success of all these candidates.

Our school year started in April with 25 new students, including four women. We have ten people on our teaching staff, three of whom are visitors. The seminary is now closed for summer vacation, but third year students are here working on their projects and theses. A seminar for pastors will be held during the summer break, the purpose of which is to refresh pastors for their important work. Please pray for this seminar.

GTS will reopen in mid-September. The staff and students will attend the Sialkot Convention and provide different services during the convention. Please remember Sialkot Convention in your prayers.

In order to ensure that the seminary continues to exist and serve, we have started an endowment fund. We need special prayers and financial assistance for this important fund. The publishing and printing of books is also an important feature of our ministry. The book Study Method, Expository Study of Jude has been reprinted. The book Christian Doctrines is due to be printed.

All is well. I am busy speaking in different places at conventions and seminars. Thank you for your prayers and financial assistance. Please continue to pray for the ministries of this seminary. We thank the Lord for sustaining the seminary even in critical circumstances.

God’s grace, love, and peace to you all,

Dr. Arthur James
Gujranwala Theological Seminary

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Minimum Goal for 2014

$10,000 for building renovations, program course development, and operations



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