Church Construction at Jagüey Grande - July 2013 Update

Church Construction at Jaguey Grande June 2013 update.jpg

Jagüey Grande is a strategic location and congregation for the Matanzas Presbytery and the Presbyterian and Reformed Church of Cuba. Located near an important commercial center and transportation hub, the congregation at Jagüey Grande is helping the Cuban Church extend its work in this community and to the south part of the island. Although there had been a small Presbyterian presence in this town of about 25,000 since the 1940s, it wasn't until 2001 that an actual congregation was organized.

When God brought rapid growth, the house in which they had been meeting was “swapped” for the current piece of property which had only a ruined, roofless building on it. As worship was being held under a make-shift thatch canopy, The Outreach Foundation lifted up the need to some of our U.S. partner congregations and now a beautiful new sanctuary gives witness to the church’s presence in the town.

With its congregation growing, there is a need now to finish out the “master plan” on this ample site, namely a multipurpose hall which would accommodate fellowship events and Sunday School classes, a kitchen, complete work on the bathrooms, and roof-over an open terrace which would give space for youth events as well as other meetings during the milder fall and winter weather.


Grateful for your partnership,

Marilyn Borst
Associate Director for Partnership Development


Prayer Requests

Please join the congregation in praying for a full-time pastor to serve them

Minimum Goal for 2014

$10,000 for completion of bathrooms and construction of a multipurpose hall, kitchen, and a roofed-over terrace