Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell (PCUSA) - November 2013 Update


Dear Friends,

Our monthly church visits to the farming community are a wonderful time of fellowship. It is a witness to the congregation that our faith is important to each of us and that the people of the community are important to us, too. In this picture you see us gathered around a church member’s table. After our worship service, we stop at her house for regional food and a great time of sharing and laughing. The young people often bring their boyfriends, so it helps the local folks realize that men are welcome in the church, too. A young couple joins us when we go, showing that families and young people are a strong part of the church.

Children’s Day, October 12, is an important holiday in Brazil! Our town held special activities for the children, and every child received a gift from their family. Our church went to the farming community church that day, so we celebrated Children’s Day with a party for God’s children, ages 1-99. We played games, sang songs and enjoyed ice cream. It was a joy to see children jumping in and out of a circle according to the “commands” given. It was fun for children of a variety of ages.  

Dorothy recently fell. The initial x-ray showed no broken ribs, but after a week of continual pain, she had an ultrasound done. It revealed swelling around the liver. The doctor prescribed pain medicine and rest. Resting is not an easy task for her. Our daughter, Elizabeth has planned a civil marriage ceremony for January 3rd, 2014 and plans to come to Brazil in September for a religious ceremony. Our son, Daniel, spent a weekend in New Jersey on a Gospel Choir tour. They were able to visit New York City, where he was touched by how kindly people treated him because he was wearing a U.S. Navy uniform. Our son, John continues to teach at a technical college in South Carolina.  

Thank you for your prayers for our work, they are so important and necessary. We appreciate your support. Thank you for caring about us and our work. 

Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell

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