Repatriote Ministry Center - November 2013 Update

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Haiti remains the poorest country in the West, with 80% unemployment, low per capita income, little public education or public health, and poor infrastructure. Amidst these challenges, The Outreach Foundation partners with Haiti Outreach Ministries which serves the people of Cite Soleil, Blanchard, Repatriote and Ibo Beach. Led by Pastor Leon and Jacky Dorleans, this ministry is changing lives through churches, schools, vocational schools and medical clinics. Our focus is helping HOM to reestablish and expand its ministry at Repatriote where the church building was destroyed by the 2010 earthquake. The church is nearly finished, and a new primary school is now educating children from the surrounding area.

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The Outreach Foundation’s Executive Director, Rob Weingartner, recently led a group to Haiti including Outreach’s database coordinator, Erica Jackson. While there, the group visited all the ministry sites including the new high school project and the rebuilt church at Repatriote, pictured above. Thanks to the many of you who gave gifts through Outreach, the church is nearly finished and was used for worship for the first time on November 1 with Pastor Leon preaching. To get the church ready, members of the community donated their labor and food for the workers. Items still needed to complete the church include paint, benches and metal work.

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The group also visited Jacky Dorleans, who directs the HOM schools. She emphasized that education is a vital need in Haiti and that providing education gives opportunity. Typically, if a family member receives an education, that person becomes the family’s leader. The primary school at Repatriote, pictured left, is filled with activity and eager learners.

There is still much to do, and we are grateful for your continued partnership.

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Amount needed in 2013

The Outreach Foundation is seeking to raise another $10,000 for completion of the Repatriote church. The cost to support a child in primary school for one month is only $30.



Repatriote, Haiti