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University Student Ministry
in Ethiopia

About Our Partner

Mekane Yesus Church

The University Student Ministry of the Mekane Yesus Church (EECMY) is committed to helping students follow Jesus Christ to spiritual maturity, so that they can be Spirit-filled servants of Christ in their world, their work, their church, and their families...for a lifetime. USM prepares students to make a difference in the real world. USM ministers to students on many campuses by gathering them in small discipleship groups for training and growth. In collaboration with the EECMY congregation closest to each campus across the country, USM facilitates leadership development and Christian growth conferences as well as Christian education activities. Seminars led by different experts are also held at each campus. The groups reach out in service to others, share the good news of the Gospel with friends, and join together in seminars and conferences that sharpen their vision for Kingdom living. Many of the USM graduates are actively developing new fellowships and planting new congregations.

The Impact

Because of the work of University Student Ministry, hundreds of Ethiopian students come to faith in Christ each year and hundreds more finish school and go to work all around the country, equipped with a vision and skills to reach their communities, country and world for Christ. We receive scores of encouraging testimonies of lives that have been touched and changed by this ministry.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $15,000 for training events, seminar support, and coordinators’ travel.