Ethiopia/South Sudan/Kenya #3: Greetings from Gambella

by Frank Dimmock

Greetings from hot Gambella. We completed the advanced trauma healing training on Sunday evening and prepared for the second group (initial TH training) beginning on Monday morning. The rains have not interrupted our trainings under the ‘training tree’ on the church compound. Participation has been good and trainees have been submitting their reports and end-of-training tests.

The new group is larger and represent three from each of the six refugee camps as well as several from local parishes. This group will practice facilitating a healing session where testimonies of trauma will be given. We continue to connect with other agencies who are working in the camps, though we were denied permission to enter the camps on this visit. We will continue to address the universal, and complex trauma in the camps. Thank you for your prayers and support to this effort.

Blessings and Salaam alekum,

Frank, for the visiting group (David Paduil, Jacob Gatkuoth, and Thaddeus Gichana)