Ethiopia/South Sudan/Kenya #2: Trauma Healing Training

by Frank Dimmock

We have successfully completed the second day of advanced trauma healing training with Nuer refugees from the 6 camps in Gambella. These are trainees who conducted and reported on 40 ‘healing group’ sessions in the camps since their initial training in 2018. They reached more than 450 refugees among the 36 congregations and community members of the camps. Each of the sessions included 10+ hours of group work and additional individual support. The 12 trainees who are receiving the advanced training will now be helping to train others in facilitating ‘healing groups.’  This is a priority program of the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan that The Outreach Foundation has supported since 2017.

All the trainees are excited about the translation and publication of the trauma healing materials in the Nuer language. They are also eager to get Bibles in their language and are excited about the work in the 18 preschools supported by Outreach Foundation. We are looking forward to a busy day of worship and learning tomorrow.

With greetings and on behalf of the group,