Rwanda #1 - Made it to Rwanda!


by Sara DeVries, for the team

Good evening to all from the land of a 1,000 hills. We stepped out of the airplane into the fresh thick Rwandan air, the night sky was clear and the lights twinkled in the distance. We almost immediately removed our outer jackets as it is much warmer. We passed through customs quite smoothly, got our bags and walked outside to the biggest and most welcoming arrival crowd around. We were greeted by the president and vice-president of the presbytery, youth, some of Outreach Projects Coordinator Ebralie Mwizerwa’s family members, and everyone in between – there were probably 20 people there. It was such beautiful hospitality and such a kind gift to receive.

We are now snug in our guesthouse unpacking and trying to go to sleep. Our day(s) of travel was long but we filled it with movies and games and not enough sleep, maybe due to the delightful accessibility to entertainment.

We are looking forward to what is ahead as we get to know new people so that we might be ever more aware of the grandness of God’s kingdom.

Amani (peace in Swahili – and the title of a song we will sing in church tomorrow)

Sara DeVries
First Presbyterian Church, Nashville