Zambia #11 - Prayer and Worship

Justo Mwale University graduates

Justo Mwale University graduates

by Ebralie Mwizerwa, for the team

We woke up today to a beautiful sunny Sunday. Staying on a campus that trains church leaders here in Southern Africa means that you enjoy participating in a variety of conversations with students. This morning before breakfast, the bell rang calling students to a sunrise service. Justo Mwale University does not hold a worship service on campus but encourages students and campus residents to have a morning prayer time. Later one of the students, Naomi Daka, explained to me that the bell was to remind the students that it is time to gather. They actually rotate gathering in homes of fellow students for fellowship. But each student also goes to a particular congregation to worship after that short prayer. Some groups gather in the evening and others in the morning.

Our team worshiped at CCAP Matero congregation in Lusaka where Rev. Ted Wright preached. Ted gave a good message based on Revelation 21:1-5 with emphasis on verse 5. The message was well-received and very moving as it was also a testimony of how Ted is fighting cancer and how God is renewing and making things new in him. God works with us to accomplish things in our lives but also uses us to accomplish things in the lives of others. Without him we can do nothing. God makes things new and the new thing is better than the old. Is God making things new for you? God is never finished with us. Amen!

After church we were invited to lunch prepared by members of the Matero congregation. We then had a free afternoon to shop for souvenirs and repack our bags. Tomorrow it is time to head back home, so this concludes our trip blog. The Lord has been wonderful to us, protected us and opened our eyes to the many things he is doing through his church here in Southern Africa. We enjoyed meeting and interacting with brothers and sisters, visiting children’s ministries, and advising and addressing concerns. The worship service today was an amazing way to conclude our trip. We will miss our friends!

Thanks for covering us with your prayers. May God bless you!
Ebralie Mwizerwa
Projects Coordinator