Ethiopia Blog Five: Gambella

by Frank Dimmock

Today was another good day in the audio trauma healing training. It was also a difficult day as we covered some sensitive areas of compound and complex trauma. We began by looking at loss and the stages of grief. This was followed by taking our pain to the foot of the cross and releasing that pain to Jesus. We then covered the audio lesson that focuses on domestic violence. This topic raised a lot of discussion and it was good to bring out some of the cultural traditions and practices that have shaped relationships within families. We will conclude this training tomorrow afternoon following morning worship and lunch with the theme of forgiveness and caring for caregivers. This has been a successful training but unfortunately the audio devices have not functioned correctly and will have to be reloaded with the lessons. The solar speakers have worked well with the computer copies of the audio files. Hopefully we can get the recorders reloaded and repaired when we return to the states. I am attaching several photos from today.

Thank you for your prayers as the first trainees leave and the second group arrives on Monday.

Blessings and peace,
Frank Dimmock
Mission Advocate