Ethiopia Blog 11: Saturday

by Frank Dimmock

Wonderful day for visits to six preschools in two refugee camps (Tierkidi and Nguenyiel) and two adult learning centers. Most of the preschools have hundreds of children and too few teachers. Many of the teachers are volunteers without curriculum and materials. The Outreach Foundation has provided funds for plastic sheets to cover classrooms, blackboards and tables and will continue to support the preschools. Children comprise the majority of the population in the camps – they are everywhere! I was pleased to reconnect with some of the trainees and children from the November trauma healing session. One photo (B&W) shows four children and three teachers from Kule camp. The girls have obviously outgrown their uniforms from 2016. Many of the refugee houses have been newly thatched, prepared for the rainy season. It’s always fun to be with the kids.

More after the weekend.

Frank Dimmock
Africa Mission Specialist