Ethiopia Blog Nine: Wednesday in Gambella

women on break.jpg

by Frank Dimmock

Interesting day with lessons on Domestic Abuse including physical, verbal, emotional, sexual and economic abuse. The women were open and animated in their small groups and with the men. This was followed by identifying and taking pain to the cross. In the afternoon they completed the lesson on forgiveness. They acted out several skits and sang songs of lament and hymns of forgiveness.

In the morning, David Paduil and I visited the regional Refugee office to confirm our permission to visit three of the camps on Friday afternoon and Saturday. This was approved, and we are ready to visit the preschools and adult literacy programs in those camps.

Tomorrow I will lead a lesson on conflict in the morning. Then we will discuss how to coordinate the follow-up of the trainings in the camps with the 52 persons who have completed one or more of the training sessions (Children’s, Audio and Adult Trauma Healing). We have them sorted by camp and training and will discuss how to network and report on their work in each camp. We will join the staff of the West Gambella Bethel Synod of the Ethiopian church for a lunch and discussion on how to promote trauma healing among their churches.

Frank Dimmock
Africa Mission Specialist