Ethiopia Blog Six: Sunday

by Frank Dimmock

Beautiful and hot Sunday today. We worshipped at the West Gambella Bethel Church along with 3,018 others on the inside and at least 200 outside the windows. It was HOT. We sat in plastic chairs beneath a tin roof and listened to eight choirs and several speeches in addition to the 45 minute sermon and 15 minute benediction. We arrived a few minutes late for the 8:00 starting time and it all concluded at 1:00 p.m. So is worship here. It is a highlight of the week for so many, a truly joyous occasion. David and I brought greetings from The Outreach Foundation and told why we were visiting.

We hurried back for lunch so that we could begin the afternoon trauma healing lesson on forgiveness by 2:30. Debbie did a great job acting out the forgiveness story and there was much discussion on the topic; not surprising. We also did an overview of ‘caring for the caregivers’ at the end of the day. Tomorrow morning we will prepare the certificates for the trainees and welcome the next group at lunchtime. This will be an initial training for adults, using a classic curriculum. Thaddeus arrives tomorrow morning to facilitate that training and Debbie leaves on Tuesday morning. We will have a chance to discuss follow-up training, monitoring and reporting together tomorrow evening.

All ‘spare’ moments are being filled up with meetings with various church officials and relief groups from the camps. A good day and looking forward to another tomorrow.

Blessings and Peace to you.                                              

Jeremiah 29:11
Frank Dimmock