Ethiopia #2: Trauma Healing for Refugees

by Frank Dimmock

It has been a very busy and long day 1 with the audio trauma healing trainees.

We reviewed 6 lessons, listening to the Nuer audio recordings and going through the discussion questions. They remembered many of the stories and exercises we had done in the June training. It was a good review. There are 6 women and 7 men representing five of the six camps in the region. They are part of a team of trained trauma healing refugees from each camp.

Trauma in the camps has spread like a virus. Many are still running from their past while nervous about their future. Will peace prevail? Will they be able to return home next year? I am reminded of a C.S. Lewis quote: “a familiar captivity is better than an unfamiliar freedom.”

Faith communities in the camps are viewed as sources of spiritual and social support. The scripture-based curriculum that we use in trauma healing with adults and children is effective and can be used in addressing pain and rebuilding hope and resilience.

It is a blessing for The Outreach Foundation to support this priority program.

Thank you for your assistance,

Frank Dimmock
Africa Mission Specialist