Ethiopia #3: Audio Trauma Healing Training

by Frank Dimmock

There is too much to report since my last blog. Day two of the audio trauma healing training was focused on rape and domestic violence in the morning and on releasing our pain at the foot of the cross and forgiveness in the afternoon. Needless to say, we went overtime and were exhausted. Personal stories were shared, tears were shed and we ended in prayer. On our final day of the training, we covered “How can we live as Christians in the midst of conflict?” and “Looking ahead.” The participants had the opportunity to practice using the audio devices and solar speakers. As they graduated, a designated trainee from each camp was issued the recorders and speakers to take away. They have plans for forming listening groups.

I am proud of these trainees, and I hope to follow-up with them in their camp settings and through their reports. They will network with the others in their camps who have been trained to work with children and those trained for adults.

Thanks for your interest and support of this Outreach Foundation Partner Program,

Ci̱ lɔcdä tɛɛth
Thank you in Nuer.

Frank Dimmock
Africa Mission Specialist