Witnessing With Joy in Ghana

by Beth Brock

Our group of six from Germantown Presbyterian Church, located just outside Memphis, TN, arrived in Ghana on Friday morning. We were tired but very excited. We met up with our two friends from Columbia Seminary, and then we were all greeted by the dynamic and gracious Dr. John Azumah. We were overwhelmed by his warm welcome. He felt like family immediately. He is an amazing host. 

We settled in for the day/night at the lovely Hephzibah Christian Conference Center. Our meals there have all been open air, beginning with lunch on our first day –which was wonderful. The staff of the center is accommodating and sincere. After lunch, we toured where the first Presbyterian missionaries set up camp in Ghana. We also visited the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission and Culture, a premier mission institution and Outreach partner established by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. We were mesmerized by the wonderful theological college where people all over the world come to study. The staff of the Presbyterian College of Education is very proud of their accomplished school, as they should be. You can feel the Holy Spirit within its walls. 

Last night, after another excellent meal, we debriefed and fellowshipped as we reflected upon the inspiring day. It's still hard to believe we are truly here. Today we head to northern Ghana – Tamale, specifically. We will be spending the majority of our time there. 

We were thrilled when Juan Sarmiento of The Outreach Foundation joined us this morning. After breakfast, to prepare our hearts for the day, Erin led us in a lovely devotional that set the tone for the gifts the day would bring. We look forward to returning to Accra and seeing this gracious staff again toward the end of our trip.

Tomorrow we will be splitting up and attending Sunday services at three different Tamale churches! We are eager for the experience and look forward to sharing with each other about these three blessings to praise God with these beautiful people. 

As I sat on my balcony in Accra before we left, in the distance I heard amazing African singing coming from across the hills. The weather is breezy and lovely here. I have goosebumps from the cool air!! I love hearing roosters regularly crow off and on in the distance.

The people are the most gracious and lovely people I have ever been around. Such a gift to experience this spiritual journey in this amazing country. 

We are looking forward to Tamale. We are en route now!

Beth Brock
Germantown Presbyterian Church Germantown, TN