Jericho and the Jordan River


For the team, Marilyn Borst

A hot and exhausting but fulfilling day for our Outreach Foundation team! Headed into the desolate Judean desert, followed by a visit to the archaeological site of ancient Jericho. Took a cable car up to the Monastery of the Temptation. Waded into the Jordan River, where one of our team, Tracy Campbell, reaffirmed her baptism vows with Rev. Toby Mueller. Before ending the day with a swim in the Dead Sea, we stopped at Qumran. Here, a first century Jewish sect, the Essenes, withdrew into the desert overlooking the Dead Sea and spent their time copying ancient text. Some of their library, hidden in the nearby mountain caves, was discovered in 1947 – the so called Dead Sea Scrolls. Significantly, copies of the book of Isaiah found were 1,000 years earlier than the earliest manuscript of that book which had been seen to date – but matched up almost exactly, confirming how the Holy Spirit had guided the transmission of our sacred Scripture across the ages!