Egypt Day 2: A Big Vision

by Brian Wilson for the team

With the remaining members of our team arriving safely last night, our now full team embarked to Zagazig, a town north of Cairo located in the Eastern part of the Nile Delta. We spent the day visiting, worshipping and hearing stories of God’s amazing love from Pastor Wael and his team at Zagazig Evangelical Church.

We saw videos of a sports program that serves many children and youth by providing them a place to connect and play. Another team shared about the church’s compassion ministry. It currently offers financial assistance, building repairs, and medical aid and relief to over 70 families in the community.

The driving force behind the renewal of this historic church is the bold, passionate and vibrant vision of Pastor Wael. “Our neighbors know we love them, and we know they love us,” he shared. “We have a vision not only for our church, but our society. We live in a land where God visited once with Jesus, and we know he will visit again!”

Today we witnessed the reality of this vision coming to life through the fearless love, merciful hearts and city-wide vision for the Zagazig to be flourishing, like the green and plush fields of the Delta. 

God bless,

Bryan Wilson for the team