What in the world is God doing in Egypt?

October 31-November 10

Outreach Foundation colleagues Marilyn Borst and Tom Widmer and their team of 13 look forward to eight inspiring days experiencing the Faithful Church in Egypt! Despite the upheaval and uncertainty of the region, the Presbyterian Church of Egypt is hard at work. They are planting churches and revitalizing congregations which have been faithful for well over a hundred years. The team will visit some of those initiatives and see how God is working.  

While in Cairo, they will stay at the Evangelical Theological Seminary (ETSC), where leaders are trained for congregations throughout the Middle East. They will have opportunity to meet students there and hear inspiring stories of their calls and aspirations for ministry. They will visit exciting new church developments in the city and in satellite cities and will also discuss establishing ongoing church-to-church partnerships. Traveling south to Luxor, they will see both new church developments and old churches being revitalized by young, enthusiastic pastors. They will not neglect the outstanding history of Egypt, with visits to the Pyramids of Giza, Cairo Museum and Old Christian Cairo, as well as the Valley of the Kings and KarnakTemple. 

When possible the team will send updates on their travels, which will be posted here. Check back to read about the amazing work God is doing in Egypt!