Suzhou Part Three

by Jenny Stewart

On Sunday we wrapped up our visit to Suzhou and had the incredible privilege to worship with the Dushu Lake Church. After spending a few days experiencing this place and forming connections with the people here, the perfect ending was to join them for worship. Pastor Aaron was invited to preach on 1 Peter 2:4-10. We were moved to find the sanctuary was packed 30 minutes before the service began, and the congregation singing together to fill the time. 1,400+ people, worshiping was beautiful!

After the service, we met with Rev. He and Rev. Wang Bin and had lunch in the church cafeteria!

We finished our visit by sharing about spiritual formation and leadership during their lay leader training. Lisa, Zoe, Suzanne, Jim and Aaron all had a chance to share with this group of 70 people, and did a fantastic job!

As with most experiences like this, we pulled away from Dushu Lake feeling that we had received at least as much, if not more, than we had given. Significant connections were formed, and we are excited for what the future of our friendship and partnership will bring!

Jenny Stewart for the team

Jenny and Aaron Stewart

Jenny and Aaron Stewart