The Team Arrives in China

by Lisa Woicik

As I was reading Luke 10:17-24 this morning, I was reminded of what it means to be a part of God's mission. Participating in God's work requires humility, openness to see God's work, and courage to follow wherever God may lead. This is the approach that we must take while we are in China. We do not come professing superior knowledge or authority. We come to listen, to follow and to see what God is doing through the church in China, and particularly in Suzhou. We must be "infants," rejoicing in the fact that we belong to the Father and, so long as we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we are able to be a part of God's redeeming work in this world.
Over the next several days, the team will be learning more about the church in Shanghai, Suzhou, and Jiangsu Province, and discerning how God might be calling us to participate in the work being done there. I am excited and humbled to see what God has in store for us.

Lisa Woicik for the team