by Laurie Jaworski

We have had a very full and rich time since we arrived in Egypt visiting churches, meeting pastors, hearing about their struggles and dreams for the future. I am thoroughly impressed by their dedication, in some ways putting their own lives in harm's way due to their commitment to Christ. This evening I decided to stay back from the evening church service because I wasn't feeling 100% – I didn't want to ruin the rest of the trip with symptoms worsening. Several of us have been struggling with sickness (colds and/or stomach upset). We would appreciate your prayers. 

So here I am with a stuffy head sitting out on the balcony of our hotel room. We haven't had much time to enjoy our hotel in Alexandria because we've been busy enjoying the fellowship of our Egyptian brothers and sisters who are welcoming the encouragement we bring from you.

A few moments ago I heard the Muslim call to prayer. I felt it was only fitting to pray alongside for our Egyptian pastors and churches. Praying that a "man in white" would appear to both nominal as well as radical fundamentalists. Praying that this land would be restored to Christian roots. 

We have learned that there are unique challenges here. In particular a culture where abuse is prevalent, both toward women and children in Christian and Muslim households. As one who personally experienced abuse, my heart aches for the victims. The churches are implementing educational opportunities for families to try to curtail the abuse. As we drive down the busy streets bustling with cars and people, I wonder who of the veiled and unveiled faces are suffering at the hand of an abuser. And so I pray that the deliverer will show mercy, that there will be safety, that Christ will right the wrongs, that the land will be restored and comfort the suffering. Won't you join me? 

Laurie Jaworski for the team