Light in the Darkness

by Tricia Sale

I am writing this on the bus. It is evening, dark, just starting to cool off a bit,  and we are bumping along a narrow potholed street with lots of curious onlookers waching our procession. It has been an amazing and exhausting day of visiting churches outside of Cairo, so full of contrasts of light and dark in the world that I can hardly sort out what I have experienced.

First is the image of our van full of peaceful Christ followers being escorted through town by an armed military vehicle with 12 guards and siren wailing. Then there's our first stop to the cave churches of Mokattam, a massive geological and manmade wonder with many believers there for Friday worship, yet to get there we drove through the massive poverty of “garbage city” where Christians live by sorting and recycing Cairo’s massive garbage. We made visits to four different churches of Fayoum, each one deep into the heart of villages once associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. There we met Pastor Medhat and and his wife and three day old son Mathew and heard about his ministry and his needs and his dreams. There was Elder Michael, so welcoming and outgoing - for you CPC readers, the George Castleberry of Egypt. I noticed the women were often introduced as servants, as in God's servants - I liked that, and the tears when we prayed for their ministry. 

Another highlight for me was the small church medical clinic where we smiled at the Muslim women and their husbands waiting for care, and Larry got  to check out the equipment in the small operating room. And finally all the kids on the streets eager to know our names. So much light in the darkness. I hope we were an encouragement to our brothers and sisters. And added a little joy to an ordinary Friday.

Making our way to Alexandria now. Yalla, yalla!

Tricia Sale for the team