Outreach Team Arrives in Cairo

by Tom Widmer

Greetings from Egypt!

The Outreach Egypt team has made it to Cairo safe and sound – or at least safe! Most of us traveled about 20 hours to get here, so we're a bit bedraggled. Enthusiastic but bedraggled!

We are 16 in number from VA, MD, NC, SC, GA and CA. Most are here for the first time, but our faithful co-leader, Rev. Nancy Fox, counts this as her 14th trip to Egypt! Can't get too much of it!

Our visit with friends here will give us an expansive perspective of what God is doing through His church. More specifically, through the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Egypt. Our partner, the Synod of the Nile, has caught God's vision and is making it happen. They are focusing on new church development by starting churches all over Egypt. They send out newly minted pastors from the Cairo seminary who are dedicated to building the church and preaching the word of Jesus. The other area of focus is church revitalization. Many old rural churches have lost members as the population has shifted from the country to the cities. But these small rural churches are becoming vibrant again through the work of the Synod. 

We'll bring you more stories in the days to come. In the meantime, please pray for rested and healthy bodies and open eyes to see His work. Blessings from all of us. 

Tom Widmer for the team
Associate Director for Development