Sunday: A Joyful Day of Worship as We Begin to Wind Down

We divided into two teams today--  the home team and the away team.  The away team had a bumpy ride again to worship at Nhaphaza, while the home team worshiped at the Mutarara Church in town. Both services were shoulder to shoulder as we listened to beautiful African harmony accompanied by joyous clapping and dancing.


We are humbled by the outpouring of Christian love that we have received from our brothers and sisters in Christ here in Tete Province, Mozambique.  One theme stands out for me as I write this.  Rob's sermon today focused on the four friends who lowered the paralytic through the roof to see Jesus.  The tailor evangelist we spoke to yesterday told us basically that friendship evangelism was the way to grow our churches.  The banner given by Park Lake Presbyterian Church to Mutarara Church today said, "Thanks be to God for Friends in Jesus."  It seems as if the central message here is that through Christ we are all friends, or better yet, family.  We pray that each new friend that we have met on this trip through this work of The Outreach Foundation will think of us as family, just as we think of them as family.  We are all one big family of friends in Jesus.

Today's blog entry will be our last. As we rest and debrief prior to starting our homeward journey, we are grateful for the faithful prayers and support that have surrounded our teams on our visit to Tete Province. We look forward to making a report on what we have experienced and learned.

Zikomo kwambiri (thank you very much)!

Elizabeth Long for the Team