Day 8: Preparing to Head Home

Today we met with two evangelists who have gone through Nedson's skills training.  We had an informative interview with them to learn how their lives and the lives in their communities were impacted by the Holistic Evangelism Project.  They both said many things about how grateful they were for the wells, the schools, the church buildings and the training.  One comment that stood out was that non-churched people are now coming to church to praise and thank God for the wonderful things that have come to their community through the church's partnership with The Outreach Foundation.

We've come back to Blantyre for some time of rest and debriefing.  Our first team will head home on Wednesday as our second team arrives.  It's been a real blessing to Berry and me to be able to share a part of the world where we lost our hearts long ago.


Team member Vince Nicholas wrote the following prayer for the return trip:

Our heavenly Father,
As the dust from our voyage starts to settle from our feet as we approach the finish line of this blessed trek, we know of the seeds that you have trusted with us to plant within our churches so that we may harvest the things that our distant families need.  From church, to wells, to schools, to medical facilities, we give as an offering a portion of our time and financial blessing that they be multiplied by You for the benefit of all that are in need.

Thank you for bringing us home safely, not just renewed but completely new for our hearts are full.  We give all the praise and glory to You.


Blessings to each of you,

Elizabeth for the team

P.S.  Stay tuned.  We hope to continue our blog for our second team beginning Wednesday.

And, check out the videos from our trip by clicking here:  VIDEOS