Day 4: New Projects and New Friends

We finally made it into Tete Province, Mozambique. We spent most of the day at Canhungue where we saw 3 new projects funded through The Outreach Foundation: a well, a latrine, and new brick teacher housing. 

The well is nearly complete.  The casing will be added next and then the pump and concrete pad. The chief thanked us profusely for the gift of life-giving water. The women spend all morning now getting water: a 30 minute walk and then an hour or two wait for the water to seep out of the shallow well. They are only allowed to fill one five-gallon container because there is so little water. Sometimes they can go back for a second container, thus spending their whole day getting water. Can you imagine trying to get by with only five or ten gallons for your whole family?  This new well will allow them to get multiple containers of clean, fresh water. It will truly change lives. 


The teacher housing replaces very small one-room mud-walled structures with a brick triplex for 3 teachers. Now this little village miles from any city will be able to attract good teachers to come live and help educate the 350 or so primary age students.

This is a big deal! For these children, education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty.  One of our stalwart pilgrims today observed that "those to whom much is given, much is expected."  This is an apt description of us Americans, but now even applies to the children in this village where their parents' hope is that the children will have a brighter future. 



Now if we can just get them some classrooms! A storm blew off the grass roof of the school 2 years ago, so the children were "in class" under the trees! 

Overall, it was a fun day.  Gifts of soccer balls and Frisbees made for some riotous play, followed by a lively skit on HIV/AIDs that the children and villagers watched with rapt attention. When goodbyes were finally said, we were sad to part from our new friends. 

Contributed by members of the 2013 Team