Returning to Tete Province for Leadership Training

Nedson Zulu and Sebber Banda, our missionaries in Tete Province, have often said that one of the highest priorities for the continued success of the Holistic Evangelism Project is leadership training of church leaders and evangelists. That priority is very understandable when we remember that there are just two pastors serving the 60+ churches in Tete Province. Nedson and Sebber will be conducting a Leadership Training event for evangelists beginning next week, June 11.  Church lay leaders who serve as evangelists in Tete Province will gather for this important training.  Tom Boone, a member of the American team that traveled to Tete last month, has agreed to return to observe and instruct in this critical Leadership Training.  His talent for teaching will be a tremendous asset.  He will also help us to understand how we might better assist and support this high priority in the future.

Tom will be writing a blog to report on the Leadership Training.  He has arrived in Johannesburg and tomorrow will fly to Blantyre to meet Nedson in Malawi.  The training of Mozambique lay leaders happens in neighboring Malawi due to the lack of appropriate facilities in Mozambique.

Tom has prepared a “pre-trip journal” where he provides us with a brief survey of the training and its significance to the whole project.  Click here to download the Journal:  Leadership Training

Berry Long,

Chair, Board of Trustees

The Outreach Foundation and

Advocate for the Tete Initiative