Day 4: On the Ground in Mozambique!

We're finally here.  Today the team traveled across the border from Malawi into Mozambique, headed for a small village called Tchessa.   It wasn't long before we saw huts lining the sides of the road typical of this part of South East Africa.  This was a day of exploration, reception, and witness for the team.  Children lined against our stopped cars in order to sell us wares, food, and fill pot holes.  What a profound influence Christ's work is having upon our team let alone the people whom we are meeting. But children are not only seeking money, they are attending school faithfully.  It was moving to be able to invade the school grounds with our two trucks, cameras, and blanched white skin laden with soccer balls and frisbees (Tom Boone really enjoyed playing with the kids).

Once the welcomes were complete, we sat as honored guests to watch superb drama. We also visited the village in which North Lake Presbyterian, whom is represented here by Becky, has funded one deep water well that will serve up to 3,500 people each day. She will be writing about this project tomorrow, so anticipate a wonderful perspective!

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Becca Phillips for the Mozambique Team.