Saturday in Egypt: One Year After Mubarak's Resignation

Nobody in Egypt knew what would happen today with the anniversary of Mubarak's resignation and the call for a general strike.  As we were out and about we did not see anything out of the ordinary. Even so we were grateful to be back to the seminary. We visited today in an area of town known as a "garbage village." Sorry I can't send pictures but we wanted to focus on the ministries and positive areas in the area. Though the garbage reeks (some were struggling not to gag) the beautiful aroma of Christ came through in many places. We visited the Center of Love which is taking to a new level a long- term ministry to physically and mentally and handicapped and chronically ill children and adults. 55 volunteers take all day Friday every week for this ministry.

We also visited a wonderful training center for weaving, sewing, recycled paper, etc...and we enjoyed some shopping for these beautiful products. Some of you may have some gifts coming!

Then we also visited a school for kids in the recycling business! There were kids learning the alphabet, learning to read maps so they don't get lost when they go around Cairo collecting the garbage in their donkey carts, learning that they are valuable to God. Though these kids live surrounded by garbage, they do not have to see themselves as garbage.

These ministries are interwoven with the Bible Society of Egypt (BSOE) because many of the staff and volunteers overlap. I am always inspired by the creative efforts of the BSOE to get the Scriptures into people's hands and hearts. They have banners hanging around Egypt with the flag of Egypt and lovely graphics and the words from Jeremiah for the exiles to "Seek the peace (shalom) of the city".  This helps people see the Christian community as a positive force and integral part of the society of Egypt.

I am writing this from a student room where 8 future pastors are singing of their love for the Lord and journey with him. We've talked about the challenges of being vulnerable as pastors and about their concerns, fears and hopes for the future of their country. Such precious hearts, much laughter and wonderful music! Wish we could send the music and aromas along with the photos!

Bless you all! Nancy for the team