Egypt Update: Friday in Cairo

What a great day! We were anxious because there was a protest today in this section of the city. We saw the police gathering as we left this morning, but we returned another way this afternoon and it is totally quiet in the area around the seminary...well, as quiet as it gets in Cairo, a city that never sleeps and is called the noisiest city in the world. We visited two new church developments today in Cairo Presbytery. Elder Magdy Rida hosted us; he is a retired engineer who devotes himself to this new church support. It was a great joy for me to visit Abo Regala, a church started by the student that First Pres Colorado Springs scholarshipped through seminary. Medhat is now moving on to start other new churches and to mobilize a larger church into outreach. The Lord has provided a new leader for Abo Regala who is serving there part time but will graduate from seminary and be ordained as their pastor in June. Bassem is a great fit for the church!  God is good!

We greatly enjoyed meeting some of the leaders of the Synod of the Nile at the national church offices, and shared a great lunch at the Evangelical Medical Center next door.

Then we visited a church in Mokattam in a new and very lovely space. Pastor Nady is a strong leader. They have a strong ministry with the poor in their area and an inspiring long-range strategy.

Over dinner we talked with Dr Sherif at the seminary about the lay pastor program, the struggles and hopes to provide leaders for the at-risk churches around the country.

As I write, some are in students' rooms sharing tea and hearing their stories.

Tomorrow is the anniversary on Mubarak's resignation, and some parties have called for strikes. Some other parties do not support the strike so nobody knows what will happen. There may just be less traffic!  We are limiting our travel to a nearby Christian area and will be back to the seminary by mid-afternoon or earlier depending on how the day goes.

Thanks for your prayers for us and all of Egypt! The uncertainty and changes in Egypt are scary for Christians here, and yet also providing some amazing new opportunities and open doors!  Please join us in praying for courage and wisdom. Our presence here now does seem to be a tremendous encouragement to many...including ourselves!

Love and peace, Nancy for the team