Tuesday Egypt Update: Last Day in Luxor

As we prepare for another "spiritual day" of sharing at the Luxor Church, we have had quite a day of ancient studies on death and modern experiences of resurrection.  The Egyptian royalty was highly concerned with death and created elaborate burial places in "The Valley of the Kings "which began our day.  We were able to walk through three passages with its many niches to the crypts of these kings.  Filled with so many spectacular hieroglyphics, we were amazed at the detail and color of it all.  Here is an amazing testament to the human endeavor of coming to terms with death and the afterlife. From there we traveled to two small churches, the one led by a sincere but seriously ill pastor, Asis (Minister) Sabrisy in Almant.  Here is a tiny congregation with a great facility which will perhaps get a new pastor in another year.  Asis Sabrisy traveled on with us.  Next we found ourselves in the village of Adime with Asis Shanuda, a young pastor who will be married in April and bring his bride to live in another world from Cairo.  The building is falling down.  Quite a number were there to join us in worship.  The children were eager to have their pictures taken.  The spirit among these people was one of great hope for their future even as they work with the government and other churches to raise the funds to be able to tear down and build a new church.  Lunch was terrific.

Finally, we returned to Luxor for some shopping, a restaurant dinner and back for our team gathering to share our experiences and pray.  Today we were overwhelmed by the hospitality and generosity of these people, inspired by their sense of future and hope and humbled by their remarkable faith in Jesus Christ in the midst of many social and political difficulties.

In all, it was a day of hearts lifted up to the Lord. (Ps. 34:3)

Rev. Dr. Steve