Doug Tilton


Southern Africa

About Our Partner

Regional Liaison for Southern Africa

As regional liaison for Southern Africa, Doug facilitates the PC(USA)’s relationships with its partners, supports other PC(USA) mission personnel, and works with a growing number of presbytery and congregational partnerships. He also helps partners gain access to scholarships for leadership training and helps them find ways to meet one another’s needs. “I am excited and grateful when we are able to help each other to discern and apply our respective gifts to strengthen our mutual capacity to do justice, to share the good news of the gospel, and to promote reconciliation so that all may enjoy life in fullness,” Doug says. Doug works closely with Outreach’s partners in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique and helps us maintain good relationships with them as well as discerning their needs and priorities.

The Impact

“Wherever I go, I am often surprised and profoundly moved by the ways in which God works through the mutual recognition, affirmation, and encouragement shared among brothers and sisters in faith from different parts of the world,” remarks Doug. “It is humbling to visit a church where people have walked for several hours to welcome you, to share fellowship, and to celebrate together our common humanity and faith.”

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 for support funds.