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Theological Education
in Shandong, China

The need for leaders for the growing churches in China continues to be a major challenge for the Church. The quality of theological education has risen significantly in recent years, as Bible Schools have upgraded to degree-granting colleges. However, the ministry context has grown more complex with increasing urbanization, a higher educational level inside and outside the church, and the challenges of equipping the church for community transformation. As Shandong Theological Seminary celebrated its 30 years of ministry last year, it had nine full-time teachers and ten part-time. On a recent visit, the leaders asked for teachers for short-term (modular) courses, help as they expand their library, and participation with them as they explore unique contributions their seminary can make to the development of Chinese Christianity.

The Impact

For years, the Chinese Church has been asking their friends from abroad, “Help us train more pastors.” The growing church in China has only one pastor for every 6,500 believers on average. Gifts to this project will assist the development of the seminary and lay training centers in Shandong, China.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 to help provide short-term teachers for Shandong Seminary and lay training centers in Shandong Province, library resource development, and participation in seminars or forums that explore unique contributions Shandong Seminary can make to Chinese Christianity.