Sureste Presbyterian Theological Seminary
in Tabasco, Mexico

About Our Partner

Synod of the Gulf of Mexico

With many more churches than pastors, the need for leadership development in Mexico is critical. The Seminario Teologico Presbiteriano del Sureste is an institution of the Synod of the Gulf of Mexico that seeks to contribute to the life and mission of the church of Christ in the southeastern part of Mexico. Current academic programs and enrollment include Bachelor’s in Theology (54), Bachelor’s in Music (10), Master’s in Theology (50) and Master’s in New Testament (12). Sureste is also launching a new program called “The Seminary in Your Church” which offers seminary classes in local churches to encourage the local leaders. Things are very busy at the seminary. The Outreach Foundation supports construction projects at the seminary and provides scholarships, particularly to students from Chiapas. New leaders include Jose Juan Hernandez Garcia (Rector), Jose del Carmen Sanchez de la Cruz (Administrator) and Pastor Juan Marcos Perez Alonso (Synod President).

The Impact

Sureste is deepening the faith and sharpening the ministry skills of men and women who are responding to a call to serve the church, especially in the state of Tabasco, where the church is growing rapidly, and in Chiapas.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $25,000 for scholarships and operating costs for Sureste Presbyterian Theological Seminary.