Spiritual Renewal for Presbyterian Pastors
in Mexico

About Our Partner

Spiritual Renewal for Pastors in Mexico 2019 MO.jpg

The Reformed Association of Support to Pastors, or ARAP by its initials in Spanish, is an interdenominational ministry committed to a Reformed theology based on the Holy Scriptures, believing that:

• Jesus is the only Lord and Savior.

• The Church exists to glorify God and serve him in his mission in the world.

• The Holy Spirit calls and enables the followers of Jesus Christ to live a missionary life in the world.

Because leaders in the Spanish speaking world are expressing an urgent need for:

1. Developing healthy pastors and churches amidst the significant growth of recent decades.

2. Addressing the burnout and isolation that many pastors experience.

3. Facilitating the development of habits of listening to God, prayer, spiritual thinking and being involved the formation of others (Exodus 18)

4. Creating spaces for trust, confession, repentance and accountability.

5. Inviting to discipline that is preventive and deeply healing

6. Emphasizing relationships for personal growth and development rather than just tools.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $10,000 for Spiritual Renewal for Pastors in Mexico.