Shalom Teaching Ministry
in Central America

About Our Partner

Pastor Roy Soto teaching at Shalom.JPG

Roy Soto pastors the congregation Comunidad Cristiana Shalom in Fraijanes, Costa Rica. The church, which started with Roy, his wife and four others in a rusty, rented garage now has more than 600 people in worship. This growth has come as a result of their vision for ministry and mission: “To reveal the Kingdom of God and his Justice in our community and where he allows us, using every resource – spiritual, human and material – that he puts into our hands.” In a region of traditional churches that focus on the inward activities of church members inside the four walls of the church building, Roy and his team are continually discovering concrete ways to reach out and serve others in ways that share and show God’s love. They have seen the holistic transformation of individuals, families and communities through the practice of Kingdom values and the power of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Increasingly, Roy is being invited by groups of pastors who long for personal and congregational conversion, to come and teach a contextual approach to mission that grows disciples and releases them into the world for transformation ministry. This project helps to support the costs of such teaching missions.

The Impact

Through the teaching ministry of Rev. Roy Soto, pastors and church leaders are catching a fresh vision for how to grow outwardly-focused congregations that actively engage in life-changing incarnational witness to the Gospel. Last year alone, close to 700 pastors and leaders with little or no formal theological education benefited from this ministry.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $12,000 to assist with travel, materials and food for four one-week teaching missions.