Missionary Support Fund

About Our Partners

Presbyterian Church (USA)
Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC)
The Antioch Partners (TAP)

The Outreach Foundation Board of Trustees has identified a number of missionaries doing significant Kingdom work for our advocacy and support. Most of them serve under appointment through Presbyterian Church (USA), Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) or The Antioch Partners (TAP). We also have several missionaries serving under Outreach as part of our own mission staff. While the kind of work that missionaries do has changed in many ways, our global partners tell us that missionaries are still needed, especially to teach and train leaders in places where the church is growing by leaps and bounds. And they are needed in places of poverty and economic struggle to help build the church’s capacity in ways that move them towards self-support.

The Impact

Increasingly, missionaries are involved in helping to raise their own support, and this is not always easy. The Missionary Support Fund is used to respond to special needs and help keep critical missionaries in the field when extra financial support is needed.

The Need

Gifts from churches from $50/month to $10,000/year are helping to keep missionaries in the field!