PCEA Mabati Church Construction
in Kenya

About Our Partner

Presbyterian Church of East Africa

In a country where the church is growing rapidly, the need for new congregations and church buildings continues to increase. Since 2003, The Outreach Foundation has offered opportunities for U.S. Presbyterians to partner with Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) congregations in Kenya. “Mabati” refers to the corrugated steel sheets that are used in constructing these buildings in areas where the people have previously worshiped under trees or in houses. The receiving congregations invest deeply in these projects. They supply the land, cement flooring, and labor. The completed churches serve as places of worship on Sundays and often as schools during the week. Large structures costing $10,000 will seat 500 people while small churches seating 200-250 cost $8,000. There are also temporary churches for congregations in areas of greater potential. These churches can be completed in about two weeks, and the final completion can be done by a visiting work team from a congregation in the U.S. Stu and Annie Ross, Outreach’s East African Mission Consultants, work closely with the PCEA Mission Projects Committee to plan and direct these construction projects.

Kirsten Shaw, a trustee of The Outreach Foundation, traveled with a group from First Pres of West Point, MS to work with Stu Ross in Kenya in 2018.

The Impact

A durable church building provides a secure place for worship and typically elevates a congregation’s outreach efforts to a whole new level.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $8,000 to $10,000 for each new church building.