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Todd and Maria Luke

The Outreach Foundation

Campeche, Mexico


About Our Partners

Campechano Presbytery

Forming respectful relationships with the poor in a manner that allows them to activate their work, talents, and knowledge are key components of Todd and Maria Luke’s Gospel-driven outreach in Calakmul. At first glance, the ministry looks like just another clean water/poverty alleviation project; but it is much more. A relational
work movement is happening within communities of subsistence level farmers. Many are indigenous Ch’ols, and they suffer from poor health due in part to the lack of access to clean water. Ch’ol Presbyterian laymen organize families to work together to build family-owned cisterns that collect rainfall from the roofs of their
homes. Each cistern can supply 12,500 gallons of rainwater annually. During the process, our Mexican partners teach job skills, demonstrate the value of organization and partnership, share the Good News in a casual and natural manner, and provide the gift of clean water. To date, over 400 families own a cistern, and over 4.5
million gallons of rainwater are “harvested” annually. The quiet spirit and capable hands of our local partners win the respect of and continue to grow a network of cistern owners who hear and see how God works in their lives through work and relationship. Visiting work teams are welcome

The Impact

The materially poor of Calakmul can build the cisterns on their own, but the construction costs are roughly equivalent to a family’s annual earnings. American partners cover this cost, and the Mexican cistern owner family agrees to pay back the construction materials cost over time. The partnership works best when American and Mexican partners build together, side by side

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $50,400 for the Lukes’ support and program funds.