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Todd and Maria Luke

The Outreach Foundation

Campeche, Mexico


About Our Partners

Campechano Presbytery

Todd Luke has lived or worked in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, in a rural area known as Calakmul, since 1996. He works through the Campechano Presbytery to support evangelism and community development among the Ch’ol people living in the Xpujil region. Todd and Maria now live in the States and make regular trips to coordinate the ministry and support visiting teams. One part involves developing projects that teach and enable both indigenous and mestizo Mexican Presbyterians to improve their health. These projects have included construction of family owned rainwater cisterns, beekeeping, beeswax pressing, hammock weaving, raising livestock, and cultivation of Chaya and Moringa. Over 100 cisterns have been built, and more are planned in 2017. The other component of the ministry involves equipping local Presbyterian leaders with the intellectual, spiritual, and material resources necessary to plant new churches and develop existing churches – while engaging American Presbyterians in mission in the Xpujil region. Visiting teams work with Ch’ol Presbyterians building cisterns, leading Vacation Bible School, and in other shared ministries. Todd dedicates six to ten weeks each year to hosting mission teams from the U.S. New teams are always welcome.

The Impact

Todd and Maria Luke embody the Good News of Jesus as they serve communities around Xpujil, Mexico, encouraging new vision in the churches, new relationships with Presbyterians from the U.S. and new health for families through cistern projects and other initiatives.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $50,400 for the Lukes’ support and program funds.