Choon and Yen Hee Lim


East Asia


About Our Partners

Regional Liaison for East Asia

After fifteen years in Taiwan, Choon Lim was called to be the Regional Liaison for East Asia that covers Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and North Korea. He provides support for partner churches, strengthens the work of mission personnel by providing guidance and pastoral care, and implements regional strategies. He has a special focus on North Korea, where people are hungering for food and for the good news of Jesus Christ. He also works to help effect reconciliation between the two Koreas. He is the chief relational bridge connecting these mature global partners with each other and with the PC(USA). Yen Hee engages in ministry through the home. Choon was born in what is now North Korea. He travels there one to two times a year to nurture relationships with the Church, and he is deeply involved with all who long for the peaceful reunification of the peninsula. Choon is supported in this ministry by his wife, Yen Hee.

The Impact

Choon and Yen Hee Lim have served as missionaries for over 25 years. Wherever they have served – South Korea, Taiwan, and now the East Asian Region – they have had a special heart for those on the margins of society: people without medical access isolated in islands off the Korean coast; aboriginal minority peoples in Taiwan; and the suffering people of North Korea. Their compassion and practical skills have borne fruit in each place of ministry.

The Need

The Outreach Foundation is seeking gifts totaling $15,000 for support funds.